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🍒 It’s finally here! My book, The House on Cherry Street, is now available on Amazon – Link

From Edinburgh, Scotland to Grand Rapids, Michigan, this story brings to life Michigan’s once vibrant furniture industry and the history of the US internment of German Americans. Read the description below . . .

Forbidden Love in a time of war. The house that kept the secret for generations… until someone comes looking for the truth.

Michigan, 1941 – Grace, daughter of a wealthy furniture baron, can have anything she wants—except her one true love.

Scotland, 2014 – Charlotte has big plans for her summer–when a surprise letter from America changes everything . . .

Grace – Grace’s life is dictated by society and her father’s wishes, right down to the man she’ll marry. So when she falls for Georg, she must keep their love secret–all while keeping up the pretense of going steady with another man. As America is forced into WWII, Grace must fight for all she holds dear. Who is following her and Georg? Grace’s intended, or someone with more sinister plans? Grace thinks she knows who’s to blame, but as events unfold, she realizes all was not as it seemed . . .

Charlotte – When an out-of-the-blue plane ticket to America arrives, Charlotte decides to use it, even if this means putting wedding planning and the purchase of her dream bed and breakfast on hold. But her trip becomes a solitary stay in a crumbling mansion and a puzzle at every turn. Thankfully, her life back in Scotland is falling nicely into place—or is it? Meanwhile, missing documents leave her confounded. Will the house give up its secrets at last?

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